11 Signs That Your Body Sends to Tell You That Your Liver is Sick

Our body is a complex system that can protect itself from various diseases, recuperate and in that way function accordingly. However, its defense system cannot always act and because of that our health is being disturbed. Nonetheless, it still tries to shows that something is wrong and all we need to do is to recognize its symptoms on time and thus prevent further health deterioration.

In this article we shall focus on our main detox organ and that is the liver.

The role of the liver and in our body

This organ purifies the body from all the toxins and waste, and if it does not function accordingly it can lead to waste build-up thus triggering various diseases. Therefore, we need to learn its warning signs so that we can save it on time.

As per the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Carethe liver is accountable for conversion of the nutrients absorbed by our body which are used in metabolic processes. It distributes the nutrients to the cells that need them, or stores them for the time being. It acts as a filter as it transforms toxic foods into harmless substances, or excavates them from the body through the standard waste channels.

As per a released article in “Clinics in Liver Disease”, the liver that is being affected by pathogenic germs can lead to the occurrence of serious liver diseases like cirrhosis of the liver, liver fibrosis, or acute liver failure.

11 Warning Signs that your Liver Sends

The symptoms that your liver can send differ to what degree is being affected by a certain ailment. The UK National Health Service released a list of the most common symptoms from the earliest to the most advanced stage of liver ailment. Here they are:

  1. Unexplained fatigue

This is the most typical symptom of a liver disease which is being manifested by a feeling of lethargy and lassitude. These conditions are common for many liver diseases.

  1. Loss of appetite

If you lack appetite, then your body is trying to tell you something and in most cases is related to a poor health condition of your liver.

  1. Nausea and vomiting

Both conditions can be symptoms for other ailments like food poisoning, headaches or migraines. However, if these symptoms persist for a longer period of time, then they are an indication of a certain liver issue.

  1. Digestive issues

The liver is accountable for the production of bile that digest the fats in the body and because of that it is very important for the proper work of the metabolism. If this production is impeded, issues like digestion, diarrhea, or constipationmay occur.

  1. Urine color

If the color of your urine turns into orange, brown, or amber, then this suggests that your liver cannot remove the excessproduced bilirubin. Due to this occurrence, this substance goes into the kidneys where the color of the urine gets altered.

  1. Stool color

If your body experiences issues with your liver, then there will be change of color in your stool as well. If it is discolored, pale yellow, or gray, then this indicates that your liver is in poor health.

  1. Symptoms of jaundice

This body sign is commonly related to gallbladder and pancreas issues as a result of high levels of bilirubin. These high levels will change the color of the eyes, skin, tongue, and fingertips.

  1. Stomach pain

If you suffer from persistent stomach pain, it could be a symptom that your liver is sick.

  1. Water retention issues

This symptom is commonly related tohormonal imbalance, kidney or lymphatic diseases, or even heart failure. Yet, this could be as well as an indication that something is wrong with your liver.

  1. Itchy skin

If you scratch yourself very frequently, then the liver is in poor health. There will be also hematomason your skin and veins that are more visible on the surface of the skin.

  1. Intestinal bleeding

Bleeding in the intestines is being manifested in your stool having a red, brown or blackish color. Likewise, this condition can trigger vomiting.

We are hoping that you found this article helpful, and helped you to protect the health of your liver. Have in mind that although it is a regenerative organ if it is not treated right it can cause serious health issues leading to terminal consequences.



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