7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Sleep Naked

Hitting the bed after a hard work day is probably the best moment during the whole day. But, having a good night sleep for many people can be a real hardship. Sleeping disturbances like insomnia are very common and they can impede a proper good night sleep which is highly needed for the health of the body. As per the findings of scientists, sleeping naked is a great solution for an amazing night’s sleep.

Our body needs good night sleep in order to function normally so that the body rests and recuperates all its organs. If that is not fulfilled many health issues will start to occur.

You should know the fact that the human body can survive nearly 30 days without consuming any food, but it can cease to function after 11 days without sleep.

The pineal gland takes the most important role when sleeping is concerned and it is often referred to as the third eye. This gland is located in the middle of the front, just between the two eyes. It is in charge of the circadian cycle (awakening / sleep) of the human being so that the immunity is being boosted and keeps a good function of the organs. If that is not the case its function will get disturbed which will lead to the occurrence of diseases like diabetes, heart disease or obesity. This has been confirmed by The UK National Health Service.

You should distinct the difference between “sleep” and “sleep well”, namely you must have noticed that some people feel still tired after a night sleep. In order to have a good night sleep you need to sleep naked and immediately you will realize the difference between “sleep” and “sleep well”.

Here are the benefits of sleeping naked:

7 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

  1. Protects from bacteria growth

If you sleep naked you will prevent the development of bacteria like the occurrence of fungal infections. Sleeping without clothing will decrease the sweating which is a cause of mycosis in the wet areas of your body and leave them to breathe at ease.

  1. Boosted energy levels

If you haven’t a good night sleep the next morning you are feeling down and all the time moody. Your brain has not received the needed energy and you will be in a bad mood the whole day. If you sleep naked the sleeping will be of great quality, and in the morning you will wake up refreshed and in great shape.

  1. Supports weight loss

Poor sleep promotes weight gain as it directly influences on the leptin and ghrelin, hormones that are accountable for the appetite. In addition to this, sleep shortage supports the secretion of insulin that stores fat and can cause type 2 diabetes.

  1. Decreases pain sensations

The blood circulation is being boosted by sleeping naked particularly in the stomach area. This technique will for sure promote a good night sleep and all those unnecessary turns will be prevented that make you awake during the night.

  1. Restores and rejuvenates skin

Sleeping naked allows for your skin to breathe naturally which will promote rejuvenation. The reason for that is that the skin rebuilds faster when it is not covered with any clothing. In this way the sebaceous glands function more effectively and the body absorbs nutrients faster. Thanks to your nudity in bed the metabolic rate gets enhanced.

  1. Better sleep

Sleeping naked improves your sleep and all that turning in the bed will stop wondering whether you are too cold or too hot. The reason for that is that the body’s temperature tends to decrease while sleeping which you are preventing by wearing pajamas.

  1. Improve relationships

If you sleep and your partner naked, then the sense of intimacy reaches the highest level and as well as the trust that connects two people. It has been revealed that skin-to-skin contact elevates the secretion of oxytocins, a love hormone which for sure will bring your relationship to a higher level.


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