People with Type O Blood are Uniquely Special

Blood donation is probably the noblest thing that you can do as by doing it you are saving plenty human lives.

There is still not substitute for human blood when a patient that is in danger of losing his life needs it badly. Therefore, we should rely on the humanity in people who donate their blood. We should always be aware of the fact that we can also be easily in a situation when we may need blood as well.

Every blood donor is valuable, but most appreciated are the blood donors having the blood type O. This blood type is unique as it can be given to any other blood type. Nevertheless, first of all let us specify each blood type in people.

Blood Groups

Each blood group contains two sets of proteins, called antigens which are found on the outside of red blood cells. The first set of proteins is divided in A, B, or O type and the second set the Rh factor (positive or negative).

Here it is what the world organization Red Cross states about the blood groups:

“Group A contains only the A antigen outside the red blood cells (and the B antibody in the plasma). Group B has only B antigen outside the red blood cells (and the A antibody in the plasma). Group AB has antigens A and B outside red blood cells (but neither antibody A nor antibody B in plasma). Group O has no antigens A or B outside the red blood cells (but antibodies A and B in the plasma. “

In plain words:

  • Blood group A can give blood to groups A and B.
  • Blood group B to group B and AB.
  • Blood group AB only to the people with AB blood, but can receive red blood cells from all the other blood groups.
  • Blood group O with a negative Rh factor can be given to all blood groups.

The reason why blood group O can be the universal donor is due to the fact that it has no antigens outside the red blood cells, and because of that the immune system of the recipient will not react.

Regarding the Rh factor: the Rh negative blood does not also contain Rh antigen located outside the blood cells. Therefore, there are no proteins and the immune system of the final receiver of the blood will not react to defend itself.

The Unique Blood Type O

This blood type is very rare in the world population, according to the statistics of the Red Cross group O negative, represents about 7% of the world population.

People of the group O negative are very rare, and the same statistics reveal that only 8% of Caucasians have the blood group O, 4% among African Americans, and only 1% of the Asian population.

It is believed that people having blood type O are universal and unique and are protected against certain cognitive disorders. These people are protected from cognitive decline through the gray matter of the brain.

According to conducted studies led by researchers Matteo De Marco and Annalena Vanneri from the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield individuals having blood group A, B, or AB have smaller volumes of gray matter at temporal and limbic regions of the brain. These brain areas are the first parts of the brain that are being affected by the Alzheimer’s disease.

Not only that people with blood group O are being protected from certain cognitive disorders, but as well as reveal certain personality traits. These people take an important role in any society as they are characterized with characteristic features like natural leaders, energetic, and the strong ability to remain focused. As a result of these personal traits Japanese companies favor to employ people with this blood group as these people are more engaged in the work, responsible, and well organized.

Aside the fact that people having blood group O negative are very rare, we should all donate blood and in that way make a huge difference in someone’s life.



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