This New Lime Recipe Goes Around the Social Networks, It Allows to Lose 9 Lbs in 9 Days

Lemon is an amazing citrus fruit widely known for its fantastic health benefits. But, aside the fact that is very beneficial for your body health wise this alkaline fruit can significantly help you in losing weight.

There are many products available on the market promising quick weight loss based on various pills, teas or some other supplements. These products only offer promises as even though you may lose weight in the beginning this is not a lasting effect, in fact after stopping their use, you may even gain more weight than before. Not to mention the side effects that they can appear from their use.

There is a natural way how you can lose weight and at the same time improve your health, and that is the consumption of lemon water.

The Benefits of Lemon in the Weight Loss Process

When our health is concerned the use of lemon can help us in the treatment of various cardiovascular, inflammatory, digestive and respiratoryissues. Every type of lemon is beneficial no matter if it is yellow or green as it is a great source of a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

According to many certified nutritionists lemon is one of the best foods that can support weight loss and at the same time stimulating the detox of the body. This ability lies in the presence of vitamin C which lemon has in abundance. This vitamin supports the body’s digestion and enhances the production of a norepinephrine, a hormone that breaks down and burns fat.

Plus, this fruit has in its content pectin whichprovides the body with the satiating effect. Pectin swells in the stomach when gets in contact with water and thus lowers the appetite.

Recipe of Lemon Water

Needed Ingredients:

  • 5 fresh organic lemons
  • 2 to 3 liters of filtered water
  • 2 teaspoons of organic honey
  • Few fresh mint leaves or a cinnamon stick (optional use)


In order to be on the save side, no matter if you use organic lemons, make sure to wash them with white vinegar and water in order to eliminate all the present impurities. After that, cut the lemons in halves, and juice them. Transfer the juice into a glass.

Now, take a saucepan and in it place the bark of the squeezed lemons. Include the 2 – 3 liters of water in the saucepan, and once it reaches its boiling heat turn off the heat. Strain the solution and let it aside to cool down. Pour it into a clean glass bottle, and then include the lemon juice and the honey. Mix everything nicely. Store the beverage 1 to 2 days in your refrigerator, and during this period consume it every morning on an empty stomach, and before meals.

If you want additional flavor for your drink you can include a few fresh mint leaves or a cinnamon stick.

Other Tips for Losing Weight

  1. Try to follow a healthy and balanced diet, which means incorporation of fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals. Plus, make sure to limit the intake of too fat, too sweet or too salty foods.
  2. Drink plenty of water so that your body is always well hydrated, 1.5 – 2 liters a day.
  3. Quit smoking and limit the use of alcohol as they can trigger many diseases and as well as impede the weight loss process.
  4. Introduce physical activity in your lifestyle like swimming, running, walking, aerobics, or other activity that suits your needs.
  5. A good night sleep will offer top body form as it will prevent all those unnecessary snacking and it will regulate your appetite. Therefore, make sure to have at least 8-hour sleep.


The use of lemon is not recommended in the case of heartburn, gastric ulcer, biliary or renal disorders.

You should follow this consumption in a 2-week period, and it needs to be done only 3 times a year. It should not be followed all the time as too much lemon intake can cause decalcification of bones or ulcers.

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