Here’s How to Benefit from Lemons During Sleep

The most famous citrus fruit all around the world is the lemon, and although you may seem that you know everything about the lemon, this fruit can still surprise you.

This product shows a myriad of uses starting as an effective household agent to a remarkable healer of the body.

Did you know that it can treat mental conditions like depression and anxiety?

Did you know that only its presence in the room can offer numerous benefits?

By meaning its presence we are referring to placing halves of the lemon near your bedside and leaving them till the following morning. Once you found out what this routine can bring to your body you will never stop doing it. All you need to do is to cut three lemons into pieces, and then place them at the bedside. Do this every day, and very soon you will notice the following benefits:

  • Breathing much better as lemons treat colds and asthma.
  • Higher energy levels, waking up each day feeling fresh and full of energy.
  • Quick treatment of hangover.
  • Amazing smell of your room.

Try this trick even today, and enjoy all its benefits!

Lemon Essential Oil

This is extremely beneficial oil, and because of that you should always have it in your home. It is extremely helpful in the treatments of various health issues and provides amazing benefits.

One of the members of Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, Dr. J.V. Hebbar reveals the following uses of lemon essential oil:

  1. Mood Booster – all you need to do is to diffuse some lemon essential oil in the air.
  2. Whiter Teeth – combine lemon essential oil, coconut oil, and some baking soda, and with this mixture rub the teeth for 2 minutes.
  3. Clean Hands – for perfectly clean hands free of grease include a few drops of lemon essential oil into your regular soap.
  4. Promoter of Strong Immunity– this oil can help in the treatment of colds and assists in lymphatic drainage. Therefore, blend this oil with coconut oil and then rub the mixture on the neck.
  5. Booster of Fat-loss –by consuming a glass of water with 2 drops of lemon oil three times a day. This consumption will speed up the work of the metabolism.
  6. Excellent Face-wash – therefore, make sure to create your own natural face-wash by mixing lemon essential oil, baking soda and some honey. The use of this face-wash will fight acne, nourish the skin, soften the skin, and better the complexion.
  7. Bad Laundry Scent – if you have left your laundry too long in the washer, then you know how bad it can smell. Eliminate it by pouring a few drops of this essential oil.
  8. Goo Remover – children usually leave sticky goo behind with gum and stickers which can be easily removed with lemon essential oil.
  9. Silver and Wood Polish – restore the shine of your tarnished silver and jewelry by rubbing them with a cloth soaked in this oil. Likewise, your wooden surfaces will be like new if you clean them with this oil.
  10. Natural Disinfectant – for that purpose prepare the following solution: in a 16 oz. spray bottle filled with water add 40 drops of lemon essential oil, 20 drops tea oil and a little bit of vinegar. Spray the areas with this solution in order to disinfect the countertops and clean the mold in the shower.

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