The Newly Discovered Incredible Health Properties of Coconut Oil

You have all heard of coconut oil and its amazing power when health is concerned. This essential oil contains a valuable component known as lauric acid which is also present in breast milk. As a result of that this oil is a great booster of the immune system.

Due to its amazing properties this oil is highly present in many cosmetic products. It has the ability to treat all kinds of skin conditions leaving the skin smooth, soft, and free of wrinkles. Likewise, the hair obtains a lot from the use of this oil making it soft and shiny.

According to the reports of the American Society for Nutrition, several studies have already confirmed that coconut oil can protect and cure other diseases too, such as osteoporosis, gallbladder infections, chronic illnesses, viral infections, like herpes and hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

Thanks to its use the side effects of the conventional cancer therapy, chemo are being reduced, which is extremely good news for cancer patients.

Cancer is still the most severe disease on the planet from which millions of people die every year. For this disease there is still no cure, even though there are many therapies they cannot provide one hundred percent efficacy and are usually accompanied with numerous side effects.

Luckily, there is a new breakthrough in the scientific world, the potency of lauric acid in the fight against cancer. The findings of the conducted study at the University of Adelaide were released in the Cancer Research Journal which revealed that lauric acid present in coconut oil shows powerful cancer-killing properties.

The experiments done by the scientists were in a Petri dish, under hermetic conditions, where lauric acid in just 2 days killed 90% of the cancer cells.

However, this still needs to be analyzed and for that scientists need funds to continue their research which the pharmaceutical companies are not willing to give. This breakthrough will mean only less profit for them.

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