10 Early Signs of the Silent Killer – Stroke

The risk of stroke does not refer only to the older generation, but as well as it can affect every age group due to the modern way of living and the intake of unhealthy foods.

For that reason, each one of us should learn the first early signs that the body sends when experiencing a stroke. Learn them so that you can react in time and thus save your life or the life of a close person.

10 Early Signs of Stroke

  1. Headache and migraine

According to many performed studies headaches and migraines are common signs of strokes, however mostly women are being affected by them. In another study it was revealed that a sharp headache is an indication of a stroke in young people who often deal with migraines. In fact, 588 of the involved participants who have experienced stroke have confirmed this sign.

  1. Loss of vision or blurry vision

It is stated that this issue starts in the eye(s) as 44% of the stroke sufferers have reported loss of vision in one or both eyes just before having the stroke.

  1. Inability to speak and understand speech

Although these instances are not that noticeable, they are an indication of stroke due to the condition of the person experiencing stroke.

  1. Facial pain on one side

It does not mean that the strokes are always painful; however a sudden pain on one side of the face or unexpected pain stabs in the extremities may signal a stroke.

  1. Vertigo or sudden headache

Percentage wise women younger than 45 are commonly experiencing vertigo, and when such thing happens you should consult your doctor almost immediately.

  1. Tremors or not being able to catch breath

Usually strokes are preceded by sudden loss of breath and troubles breathing because oxygen shortage can cause heart arrhythmia.

  1. Problems with walking or loss of balance

A sudden feeling of general weakness and sluggishness in upper and lower limbs are the first signs of having a stroke. However, in order to be sure if you are dealing with this condition you should perform the following test: position your arms wide open with the palms up, and keep them like that for 10 seconds. If one of the arms drops, then your muscles are weak.

  1. Paralysis and collapse

Many stroke sufferers reported paralysis and collapse right before having a stroke.

  1. Facial paralysis

The most common stroke sign is when one side of the face is being paralyzed.

  1. Fatigue

According to the results of many performed studies women often feel disoriented, confused, and exhausted before having a stroke.

The best cure for any health condition is prevention, therefore consume healthy foods, keep optimal weight index, stay physically active, sleep well, quit smoking and lower the consumption of alcohol.

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