20 Handy Household Tricks That You Can Do with Toothpaste

When thinking of toothpaste you are thinking about a product with which you are brushing your teeth every day. However, it seems that it can offer so much more, follow reading and find out what it can really offer.

20 Handy Tricks That Your Toothpaste Offers:

  1. Acne

Your pimples and acne will go away immediately by applying some toothpaste on them.

  1. Shiny Silver

Restore the beauty of all your silver items by using toothpaste. Just rub a little bit of the paste on your silver and thus restore its original shine and beauty.

  1. Eliminate Car Scratches

Take a soft cloth and put some of the toothpaste on it, and then with it rub the scratches of your car. After the rubbing part is over, wipe it off with clean cloth.

  1. Clean Thermoses

The thermos can often get that bad smell, but this can be solved quickly and easily by filling it with hot water and then squeezing a little bit of toothpaste in it. Shake it nicely and thus quickly clean and disinfect your thermos.

  1. Dye stains on towels

Although you are using the towels for cleaning, you still want them to be clean without any stains. Therefore, put some toothpaste on the stains and thus remove the dye stains.

  1. Ink stains on shirts

The ink stains from your shirt can be easily removed if you apply a little bit of toothpaste on them. Let it stay for about 24 hours, and after that wash it off.

  1. Clean the Carpet

On a sponge put some toothpaste and with it clean the carpet.

  1. Hang Posters

It can act as glue for your posters on the wall. Just use some of it on the corners of your poster and stick it on the wall. This will also not damage the wall when you want to remove the poster.

  1. Clean the Snickers

The dirty and plastic parts of your snickers will be efficiently cleaned by applying some toothpaste on them. You can use an old toothbrush or rub it with a sponge. You will be amazed by the effects.

  1. Dirty Hands

Your hands will be impeccably clean by using toothpaste.

  1. Clean your iron

Clean the iron with toothpaste and make it shine like new.

  1. Make piano keys white again

The keys on your piano will become white again if you rub a bit of toothpaste on them.

  1. Fresh scent of footwear

Your footwear will acquire fresh smell if you clean it with toothpaste.

  1. Clean your smart phone

Your smart phone will be well cleaned with toothpaste; just do not rub the screen with it.

  1. Aviator goggles

Your goggles will not get foggy if you apply a thin layer on them. Likewise, they will be perfectly cleaned.

  1. Table stains

You can easily remove the stains of cups and glasses from your tables with toothpaste.

  1. Enamel stains

The stains on the enamel will be gone if you clean them with toothpaste and they will as well as get nicely polished.

  1. Fix CDs and DVDs

You can remove the scratches on your CDs with toothpaste and make them run smoothly as before.

  1. Car headlights

Clean your car headlights by applying some toothpaste on your sponge and thus remove the accumulated dirt.

  1. Clean the TV Frame

Toothpaste is very efficient if your TV is with a silver frame. Just use some toothpaste and the frame will be like new.

Have couple of toothpastes in your home and aside for brushing your teeth use them also in solving certain household issues like the ones stated above.

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