How to Plant and Grow Organic Onions on Your Windowsill All Year Long

Onions are extremely beneficial vegetable offering so many medicinal benefits and because of that they are commonly used as a natural remedy against inflammation and infections.

This amazing vegetable is known for its pungent taste and because of that it is frequently used in various dishes. Aside its specific taste it offers so much for our body as it contains phytochemicals that boost the power of vitamin C in the human body, and as well as the immune system. On the other hand, the content of chromium regulates blood sugar levels.

This vegetable can likewise improve the production of good-HDL cholesterol. It prevents the free radical damage thereby lowering the risk of gastric ulcer. Plus, it contains a powerful active ingredient known as quercetin which acts as a potent anticancer agent.

If you are easily attacked by the bites of honeybees, you can easily treat the bitten part with fresh onion juice, and in that way the burning sensation will be gone very soon.

Therefore, use onions as much as possible as they are great prevention against numerous health conditions and a great booster of the immune system; Make sure to eat as well as the bright green parts of onions because they are a great source of vitamin A.

You can always have onions available in your home if you grow them on your windowsill. In this way you will be sure that you consume organic fresh onions and in the meantime you will acquire gardening skills which are very relaxing. The pleasure of eating your own onions is immense. You may think that you do not know anything about growing onions, but do not get easily discouraged as we shall present you the way how to do it. These handy tips will be of great help to you.

How to plant onions?

Here it is what you will need to grow your own onions:

Needed Things:

  • Onion sprouts
  • Organic soil
  • Water
  • Plastic bottle of 5 liters
  • Scissors

Growing Directions:

Step 1: Remove the “neck” off the bottle, but do not throw it away.

Step 2: Make wide holes in the bottle by using the scissors.

Step 3: Place the onion sprouts through the holes.

Step 4: Fill the bottle with soil, and then put it on the windowsill.

Step 5: Attach the cut “neck” of the bottle again.

First sprouts will appear very soon, and enjoy watching them how they grow every day. Use the greens to prepare delicious dishes.

Onion relish recipe

Required Ingredients:

  • Onions
  • Cilantro leaves
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice

Method of Preparation:

Start with nicely slicing the onions, then sprinkle over them some fresh lemon juice and season with salt. In the end enhance the taste with coarsely chopped cilantro leaves. Enjoy your super tasty fresh salad!

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