5 Breakfast Foods That Speed Up Metabolism and Help You Burn Belly Fat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which many people skip it. This is very wrong because this meal provides the needed nutrients for the upcoming day.

A healthy breakfast will provide you with a wide range of health advantages, and it will offer you the needed energy for the entire day making you feel full for a longer period of time thus helping you in losing weight.

A nutritious and balanced breakfast is what your body needs every day.

There is even a way to boost the value of the breakfast nutrients which will substantially improve the overall health and well-being of the body.

5 Ways to Enhance the Healthy Value of Your Breakfast 

By implementing these 5 suggestions you will almost immediately experience great improvements.

  1. Use steel cut oats instead of rolled ones

Consuming oats for breakfast will offer you many health benefits, but it is always best to use steel cut oats instead of the conventional rolled oats. The steel cut oats are made of whole toasted oat grain and offer the feeling of fullness. In addition to this, they prevent the rapid rises and falls of the blood glucose levels, and thanks to all these properties they are of great assistance in the weight loss process.

  1. Try to substitute the sweet with savory

Consuming sweet for breakfast like muffins, cereals, or loaf bread will raise your blood sugar levels, and in order to avoid this from happening you need to replace the sweet with savory. So, if you are a person that does not mind the heating up of the last night’s meatball marinara, then you can enjoy the benefits of savory and balanced meals in the morning. These meals offer the feeling of satiety and do not cause sugar spikes.

  1. Add Protein

The intake of proteins will satisfy the hunger. Namely, once the stomach is empty, it releases ghrelin, but when it is stretched, the secretion of ghrelin is stopped, which in turn sends a signal to the brain cells to increase hunger and the secretion of gastric acid and gastrointestinal motility thus making the required preparations for food consumption.

According to numerous studies the intake of dietary protein substantially affects the ghrelin production, and quiets down the ghrelin outputs.

Therefore, make sure to include into your breakfast meal proteins like an organic peanut butter, nuts, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, or a scoop of protein powder.

  1. Include Fat

Healthy fats will keep you full for a longer period of time, and because of that add them into your breakfast. They will offer the needed energy for the upcoming day.

You can include almond butter, coconut oil, seeds, flaxseed oil, avocados, and nuts. Keep your meal simple and add only a few tablespoons to your meal.

  1. Introduce veggies to your meal

Vegetables are rich in fiber and thereby very much assisting in the bowel movements. The recommended serving of vegetables is 2 ½ cups taken on daily basis.

Therefore, if you introduce a serving of vegetables with the breakfast, you can easily reach the recommended consumption. You can for instance make a fantastic egg scramble if you include some onion, peppers, or spinach into the meal. This will boost its value thereby turning it into a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

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