Ginger Kills Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer Better Than Chemotherapy – According to Research

Ginger is a potent herb used for the treatment of various health conditions and all thanks to its valuable active compounds. It is so powerful that can even treat cancer and because of that people widely use it all around the world.

Recently, scientists have also confirmed the capacity of ginger in the fight against numerous ailments, and many conducted studies reveal its great power in the treatment of cancer.

This remarkable spice has in its content two substances named as gingerols and paradoles, which have the potency to protect the body from the deadly disease, cancer. Scientists have also revealed that ginger can be very effective in the treatment of cancer just like the conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Ginger Treats Ovarian Cancer

Once the body gets affected by cancer it can lead to angiogenesis, a condition which determines the growth and development of cancer. So, if the infection of ovaries gets hampered, then the further cancer development can be stopped, and for this matter ginger has been proven to be very effective.

In fact, ginger root contains active ingredients with potent anti-angiogenic properties, which can successfully prevent the development of cancer as per released study in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

In addition to this, a conducted experiment of a scientist from the University of Michigan conducted at the American Association for Cancer Research demonstrated that ginger successfully destroys cancer cells. Moreover, it was confirmed that is even better treatment than the conventional chemo because the cancer cells in the ovaries do not develop resistance to it.

Last, but not at least the use of ginger therapy triggers fewer side effects, it is less toxic than the used treatments and does not cause drug resistance.

Ginger Kills Colorectal Cancer

There are many performed studies that have revealed that ginger has the ability to destroy colorectal cancer. Namely, in 2003 at the conference of Cancer Prevention Research scientists have shown that ginger can efficiently prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

In the Journal of Nutrition in 2015 a study was released which demonstrated that ginger along preventing colon cancer can as well as kill colon cancer cells. For that reason, this amazing root can be of great help for patients with colorectal cancer, and also for other people who want to prevent this terrible disease.

Ginger Destroys Prostate Cancer Cells

Other study released in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that the extract of ginger can prevent the development prostate cancer cells. For that purpose, researchers suggest the use of a dose of 100 mg ginger per kilo of body weight.

According to the released findings of the study ginger extract decreased the growth of the tumor by incredible 56%. Moreover, the use of ginger leaves the healthy cells intact, which is not the case with the conventional cancer treatment that along harming the cancerous cells they are also destroying the healthy ones highly needed for the body.

This study was the first one to offer a detailed concise explanation of the anti-carcinogenic activity “in vivo” or “in vitro” of the ginger extract in the therapy of prostate cancer in humans.

You should not hesitate to use ginger as a medicine as it can provide you with plenty of benefits and because of that make sure to implement it into your daily eating regime.

If you are struggling with cancer, then for sure introduce ginger into your diet as it is powerful enough to inhibit further growth of this terrible disease and prevent its reoccurrence.

It is advised to use up to 4 grams per day; in case of pregnant women the recommended dosage is 1mg per day.

In order to protect your health and body from any serious diseases you need to lead a healthy lifestyle meaning consuming healthy foods and regular physical activity, only in that way you will improve your overall health and well-being.

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