This is the Point of Hundred Diseases – Here’s What Happens if You Massage It Daily

The Japanese are known for long life span and there is a reason for that. They have been practicing a miraculous massage for centuries which keeps them young and safe from many diseases.

The technique is based on the stimulation of one body spot. Namely, the body has approximately 365 points and 12 major meridians which can be stimulated for numerous reasons. This stimulation of certain points is known as acupressure which represents an involvement of massaging certain body points with different pressure. These massages are actually helping in the treatment and healing of the whole body.

The use of this method will provide your body with many health benefits like boosting the body’s energy levels, enhancing the metabolism, and many more.

Zu San Li – The Point of Hundred Diseases

The massages of this point can cure almost anything, and the Chinese refer to it as “the point of hundred diseases” and the Japanese call it “the point of longevity.”

The name Zu San Li comes from the knowledge that this spot is the key of long and prosperous life.  By massaging it, you will manage to prevent numerous diseases and thus deal with many health concerns.

If you stimulate it on regular basis you will decelerate the inevitable aging process and boost the overall health.

This spot is easily reachable as it is located right under the kneecap. In order to find it, put your hands on knees (right hand on right knee, left hand on left knee) and then touch the spot between your little and ring finger. The highest point on the knee is the Zu San Li point.

There is another way to easily locate this spot and that for that purpose you need to press your feet on the ground, while seated on the floor. However, make sure to keep your feet down in order to do this properly.

Benefits of the Zu San Li point

The stimulation of this point can offer your body numerous benefits like the following ones: heal your kidneys and glands, control the spinal cord, support the adrenal glands performance, regulate the secretion of important hormones, such as adrenaline and hydrocortisone, help the digestion and improve the reproductive health. Plus, it can reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.

Further on, the massage of the Zu San Li can alleviate conditions like gastritis, urinary incontinence, constipation, hiccups, and impotence.

In addition to all this, the massage of this point can assist in naturally losing weight without any particular effort. The optimal effects of this massage are when they are done every night before going to sleep.

The benefits do not stop here, there are still more, and here they are: helps with gastrointestinal problems, improves digestion, enhances the immune system, lowers inflammation, reduces the chances of stroke, and stabilizes the levels of glucose and insulin.

The Zu San Li Point Massage

Do it step by step

Prior initiating these massages ensure that you are nicely relaxed therefore think positively and breathe deeply.

Take a sitting position, and once you are nicely relaxed start massaging the spot on each leg in 9 circular motions. Perform round clockwise movements in the morning and before lunch. The massage should last 10 minutes. You can use your fingers for the performance of the massage or grains like oats, rice, buckwheat, or if you like garlic cloves as well. If you opt for the garlic clove you can cut it in half and then apply it on the point. Let it stay like that for 2 hours that is till redness appears.

It is not recommended to massage this point in the evening because it can cause insomnia. The time of day when it is done is really important, for instance if you massage the Zu San Li point clockwise in the morning, 8 days before the New Moon, it will help you to boost your immunity and improve the function of every body organ.

The point massages done right before lunch will better your memory, and as well as your cardiovascular and digestive system.

Doing them after lunch, you will successfully remove anxiety, stress, tension, headaches, and insomnia. Last, but not at least, are the massages in the evening done on both legs, clockwise, which will accelerate the metabolism and thus help you to easily lose weight.

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