Homemade Greek Remedy That Will Clean The Fat In The Blood, Regulate Your High Blood Pressure And More!

In this article we shall present you a traditional Greek recipe which has been used by this nation for centuries, and likewise quite often used by the people in the Middle East.The recipe is for the well-known Greek “pastels” that were also mentioned by Homer in his Iliad under the name Intrion.

This delicacy is very delicious and because of that people still use it and not to mention the fact how many health advantages they can offer to your body.

This is a simple treat consisted of only honey and sesame and because of that they are also known as honey pies.

Health Advantages of Honey Pies

There are many advantages of their use. Follow reading and find out some of them; you will be amazed what they can provide your body with.

  • First of all they are abundant in vitamins,iron, zinc, magnesium, fiber, calcium, and copper thus making them extremely healthy as these are almost all the nutrients that the body needs.
  • According to researchers honey and sesame work in a synergy so that they can efficiently regulate blood cholesterol levels.
  • The pastels have the ability to regulate the heart beat, blood pressure and blood circulation.
  • They will provide you with a remarkable energy boost which will substantially help you with your daily activities.
  • Furthermore their regular consumption will help you to treat anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic fatigue.
  • Your chronic stress will be subdued just in few weeks.
  • These delicacies will offer over 182 beneficial elements for your overall health.
  • They are packed with anti-oxidants, thus making them the ideal prevention against the development of abnormal carcinogenic cells, and against other diseases that can damage the body at cellular level.

Therefore, whenever you have some important occasion you can take one or two pastels which will offer you an instantaneous boost of energy.

Here below is the recipe for these pastels:

Honey/Sesame Pastels

Needed Ingredients:

  • 300 grams of raw honey
  • 300 grams of tahini
  • * tahini is a paste made from pure ground sesame seeds which is available in healthy food stores.

Method of preparation:
Use a bowl and place in it both of the ingredients. Include also the accumulated oil that was created on the top ofthe tahinicontainer.

Honey and the tahini come in liquid form, but when they are together mixed they hardeninto a mass which can be easily molded.

You can also include a handful of crushed almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios during the mixing process but only if you prefer these ingredients. Some people bake the mixture, yet we do not recommend this cooking process because a large amount of the useful componentscan be lost, and also the amazing taste.

You can mold the mixture into balls or some other interesting shapes. No matter which form you use in the end roll them in sesame seeds. Place them on a platter and keep then in a cool place like the fridge.

Use:Consume 2 -3 pastels per day as a remedy, and also as a treat. Even though they are extremely tasty, you need to consume them moderately as they are powerful energy bombs.


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