10 Super Helpful Tricks from Great Restaurant Chefs!

In order to have crystal clear frozen water, you need prior freezing it to boil it.

When juicing your lemon, roll the fruit first by using some pressure, and then squeeze the juice out of it.


There is a nice way how you can check if your eggs are old or not. Check the picture below.


If you like consuming eggs, then you should like this trick: put them in the oven at 160 degrees for 15 minutes.


Your grilled fish will taste great if you place several pieces of lemon underneath.



Ginger can be easily peeled off by using the following technique.


Likewise garlic can be easily peeled off, all you have to do is to place it in a bowl, shake it and you have peeled garlic.

Your wine will be pure if you keep it cold with grapes that are frozen.


In order for the boiling water not to boil over, place a wooden spoon over it.


Place your ice cream box in a bag, and in that way you can consume it easier with spoon.


Make your cooking easy by using these tricks. They are great, aren’t they?

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