Health Experts Are Warning People to Stop Eating Tilapia

Most probably you have noticed that the seafood section of the supermarket have tilapia in biggest amounts. This type of fish has become the most available across the US and it is the main base of almost every diet. Not many people have actually asked themselves whether this fish is good for them.

The biggest problem with tilapia is the fact that it is hard to find unfarmed fish meat in any of the stores, which means none is actually coming from the wild. Main problem with this is the fact that it is very unhealthy and it doesn’t contain the nutrients as the wild one has. Farmed fish is unhealthy due to the process it undergoes in order to get to the market.

These farm fishes are constantly fed with soy pallets and GMO corn which is the unhealthiest food that you could actually think of. Due to these reasons it is impossible that you will expect this fish to be healthy when you buy it on the market. On the contrary, fish that lives in the wild eats loads of algae and plants, and are healthier than farm fish.

Farmed tilapia could actually cause serious health issues such as:

  1. Increased risk of inflammation

Farmed tilapia causes different diseases due to the inflammation it provokes. Some of the diseases that it causes due to inflammation are heart failure, asthma, arthritis, etc. Also people that aren’t aware of these facts could consume tilapia thinking that they are consuming omega-3, which is not true at all. There are numerous health professionals that recommend to people to stop consuming bacon and hamburgers in order to prevent inflammation and avoid health risks, but in fact they forget to remind them to stop consuming tilapia. According to numerous research studies, tilapia causes more inflammatory diseases compared to hamburger.

  1. Exposure to antibiotics and pesticides

You don’t need to be surprised that the meat from farmed tilapia is treated with less natural sources and nutrients, but instead it is treated with more antibiotic and pesticides. This is not the only case for tilapia but also it implies to other meats found on the market. Farmed fish such as tilapia could develop serious diseases that could be spread to consumers. All of this is due to the unhealthy diets and bad living conditions. In order to prevent infecting people with these diseases farmers decide to feed them with antibiotics which also makes the fish to gain weight. The problem with this is the fact that once you consume the fish you are also consuming the antibiotic.

  1. Risk of developing cancer

The main difference between wild and farmed tilapia is in the carrying of carcinogenic toxins. The farm tilapia is the one that carries carcinogenic toxins due to the food they are fed with. One of the real foods that this farm tilapia gets is chicken feces, as well as waste of pig and duck.

People that consume tilapia and farmed fish decide to do so because they are cheaper than wild or other type of fish. Make sure that you always buy fresh and wild fish in order to avoid these health complications and diseases.


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