The Horrifying Effects of Energy Drinks on Your Body

Caffeine is one of the compounds that help you boost the energy levels. Due to these reasons many energy drinks try to mimic the effects of caffeine. Also it is known that caffeine is highly beneficial because it could treat headaches, whereas energy drinks are extremely destructive to our health due to the chemicals it contains.

Different studies show a connection between energy drinks and heart attacks. One recent case report showed 33-year old Cory Terry from Brooklyn that the cause for his death was Red Bull. He has been drinking this energy drink on regular basis which led to heart attack.

 Red Bull – can it cause heart attack?

The answer is yes! One study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that energy drinks negatively impact the cardiovascular system and leads to heart attacks. This study was conducted to 15 healthy people who were given ½ a liter of unidentified energy drink on daily basis. The energy drink that they drank was similar to Red Bull and the results showed increased blood pressure by 10% after four hours from the time they drank the energy drink. Also the people have experienced increased heart rate which often leads to increased risk of heart attack. High blood pressure and irregular heart rate often results with damaged heart arteries and increased risk of strokes or heart attack.

What is Red Bull consisted of?

Red Bull contains caffeine and sugar, but also it contains taurine which is extremely potent stimulator. There is not enough research studies that will guarantee the safety of consuming this energy drink, which makes it hard to prove the negative effects it has over the overall health.

Also there are different studies that have found that different stimulants that are found in Red Bull (taurine and caffeine) are not dangerous on their own, but instead they are dangerous when they are mixed together. This mixture seriously damages the cardiovascular system and leads to heart attacks. Due to these reasons you should never drink energy drinks and instead drink a cup of coffee.


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