The 3 Vitamins that Prevent Brain Loss and Alzheimer’s

Time cannot be stopped, and as well as the aging process, but by introducing certain change you can reduce and minimize the consequences of the inevitable process.

Once the age of 70 is reached, one in every 5 people of this age group will experience some cognitive impairment, which in the next 5 years will bring dementia or death. Alzheimer’s is maybe the most fretful disease for which there is still no cure, but you have the power to control the threat for getting this disease.

In 1990, a conducted study on Alzheimer’s included 22 participants suffering from this disease where it was revealed an increase of homocysteine in the blood of the participants. This study was in a way continuation of a previously performed study in 1969.

In addition to this, a Harvard pathologist confirmed that in the cases of two children whose brains were turned to mush due to very rare genetic mutations showed increased homocysteine in their blood.

Homocysteine can be the reason for developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. According to the findings of the Framingham study in six Alzheimer’s cases, one occurred as a result of high levels of homocysteine in the blood, which might cause memory and cognitive decline, and as well as brain damage.

Therefore, you need to cleanse your body from homocysteine, if you want to protect yourself from brain loss; and for that matter you need to take the following vitamins: vitamin B6, B12 and folate.

There were many trials on this issue, and one of them showed that if you lower the levels of homocysteine with B vitamins, it will slow down the speed of getting brain atrophy.

Brain atrophy comes with age; however in the case of Alzheimer’s, the progress of this condition is being accelerated. When cognitive impairment is concerned, the accelerated rate is intermediate.

People who regularly consumed vitamins B in a period of 2 years showed that the brain shrinkage was slowed down, and also the shrinkage was cut in half to people with high homocysteine.

Plus, researches have come to the findings that the use of B vitamin decreases brain atrophy by 7 times, particularly in the zones that are affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

These vitamins can help us to slow down the process of brain losing, and there is a chance to prevent Alzheimer’s symptoms.

However, aside the proper daily dose of vitamin B6 and B12, you will need a proper amount of folate because only then you can protect your brain from theses occurrences. Folate is highly present in beans and greens. As per many studies, diet high in greens and plants can decrease the levels of homocysteine by 20% just in one week.

The reason for this, according to researchers lies in the fiber content, namely each gram that you we consume daily elevates the folate levels by 2% by enhancing the production of vitamins in the colon and the intake of methionine.

Methionine can be found in animal protein, and if it is taken in moderate amounts it can regulate the levels of homocysteine. For that reason, people who are on a long-term diet abundant with plants experience troubles with the levels of homocysteine in their blood. This happens due to the fact that they are taking sufficient amounts of folate and fiber, but they are short of vitamin B12.

As a result of that, vegetarians are at higher risk of getting hyperhomocysteinemia, due to the fact that they have excessive amounts of homocysteine in their bodies, because of the low consumption of B12 vitamin foods. This does not mean that they should change completely their eating habits, only they should make sure to take in proper amounts of B12 vitamin, and in that way they will protect themselves from brain loss.

In order to protect your body form cognitive impairment, and support the brain function, just follow the proper guideline of vitamin intake and you will enjoy all the advantages of a healthy life.


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